BTC Wallets

Some wallets related to testing out cryptocoin related services…

Service Investment Return Payout ratio
Scammers - %
Genesis Mining (referral)
Status: Mining stopped
- %
HashFlare ETH (referral)
Status: Contract ended, not profitable.
- %
HashFlare Scrypt (referral)
Status: Mining…
- %
HashFlare DASH (referral)
Status: Contract ended
- %
MinerGate (referral)
Status: Mining (combi of owned/cloud)…
- %
Status: Mining…
- %
Status: Mining stopped
- %
Overall (incl. faucet balance) - %

  1. Mining Bytecoin (BCN) at Minergate on privately owned hardware and 40GH/s contract

For all the services that are not directly mining Bitcoins, is used to the exchange the mined coins for Bitcoin. If you sign up for an account at your exchange fees will be lower by 5% up to 25%. You can use the widget displayed below to exchange your digital currency in an instant.

Bitcoin Faucets

Faucet Referral links Faucet Referral links
Claim BTC Offline DanceFaucet Sign Up
Easy Bitcoin Faucet Offline Field Bitcoins Sign Up
Free Bitcoin Sign Up Moon Bitcoin Sign Up
Take Free Bitcoin Offline 99Milli Sign Up

Total amount claimed (for the faucets listed in bold) so far 0.00000000

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