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Bitcoin Instant - updated Feb 2, 2016

Jan 29, 2016: No earnings are being generated.
Feb 1, 2016: Earnings are being generated again (something about a server move). No word on missing earnings…
Feb 1, 2016: Support request using online form (on Jan 29) bounced, their form using incorrect email address
Feb 1, 2016: Withdrawal request still not processed after 1 hour (i.e. not instant)
Advise: Do not invest

This Bitcoin investment program is very new, the press release was on January 12, 2016. They claim to be able to provide 7% and 16% profits daily, from Monday to Friday. Which is very high and therefore suspicious.

They provide two plans (The repayment of the principal is included in interest payments.)

  • 7 % Daily for 30 calendar days - minimum deposit 0.001 , maximum deposit 1000
  • 16 % Daily for 7 calendar days - minimum deposit 150 , maximum deposit 10000

I am not that adventurous and don’t have that many Bitcoin, but I wanted to give the am try. I have invested 0.006 BTC (approx € 2.15), so if it turns out to be a scam no real harm is done. When investing money somewhere the following rule is always good to keep in mind

Never invest money you can’t afford to lose

Date Deposit Plan Source
2016-01-15 0.0010 7 % daily (30 days) Coinbase
2016-01-15 0.0010 7 % daily (30 days) XAPO
2016-01-19 0.0040 7 % daily (30 days) Coinbase


Today I have made my first withdrawal of 0.00028 . I received the amount (which was 1 sathosi less) almost instantly in my Bitcoin wallet. So far so good.

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