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Earning Bitcoins by playing games

There several methods of getting hold of Bitcoins, you can mine for them (by either using your own hardware or using cloud services), buy them using monetary currency, make use of Bitcoin faucets or you can earn Bitcoins by playing games.

I was able to find the following iOS games in the App Store. If you know of any other iOS games with which you can earn Bitcoins, leave a comment below.

Game of
SaruTobi Bitcoin
Abundance Wheel of
Game of BirdsGame of Birds SaruTobiSaruTobi Bitcoin AliensBitcoin Aliens Free BitcoinFree Bitcoin AbundanceAbundance Wheel of BitcoinWheel of Bitcoin

Game of Birds by MandelDuck - free

Place bombs (different types) to free the bird. Each field to be cleared also contains one or more coins. If the bird catches the coins you will be able to make a claim. The possibility of being able to make a claim is depended on whether or not MandelDuck has bits’ (satoshi) available. If you are able to make a claim the payout is instant. Each coin is 100 bits (1000 satoshi). During the Christmas-period it was 110 and 120 for a while. The latest update now presents a short advert (video) when you make a claim.

Game of BirdsGame of Birds

The app has the option to sent you a push notification when bits have been added.

In my case it is linked to a Bitcoin address via Coinbase and when I switch to the Coinbase app on my iPhone the payout is already there.

You will only be able to make a claim every 15 minutes and there is also a maximum of 10 (?) claims per day, so you won’t get rich.

SaruTobi by MandelDuck - free

Collect bananas and coins. The bananas can be used to buy in-game power ups

The game provides three types of game play

  1. Swing as far as you can
  2. Swing from rope to rope and collect bananas, coins and letters (to make the word Bitcoin)
  3. Swing and crash into a wall to break it down

The coins collected (you can have a maximum of three coins) can be used to buy Bitcoins. For each three collected coins you can make one claim for 100 bits (1000 satoshi). This make it also a bit harder’ to earn Bitcoins than is the case with Game of Birds.


Most of the time they are sold out. There is also push notification for this game, so you don’t have to check it constantly by yourself.

Bitcoin Aliens by Daniel Bainbridge - free

Bitcoin AliensBitcoin Aliens

Pays out after balance reaches 20000 satoshis (requires sign up using email address, after which you can provide your Bitcoin address for receiving payouts).

Since this (and the next two apps) require your email address you will be added to a mailing list! Payouts are supposed to be on Tuesdays. Over a couple of days using the three games by Daniel Bainbridge) I managed to collect 35981 satoshis.

The game has two modes

  • Mission - Kill a random list of selected aliens (playable every three hours)
  • Kill an alien - Kill a single random alien (endless but the longer you play the lower the rewards)

Free Bitcoin by Daniel Bainbridge - free

This game make use of the same balance as the previous mentioned game (Bitcoin Aliens). The game has three modes, after playing you will have to wait 60 minutes to be able to play again

  • Crazy - Multiple BIG chances, massive rewards
  • Modern - Random multiplier, big rewards
  • Classic - No surprises, just some free Bitcoin!

Don’t get your hopes up by the terms big and massive. The numbers are high but since it are satoshis, the earnings are low. But any little bit counts…

Abundance by Daniel Bainbridge - free


This game make use of the same balance as the previous mentioned games (Bitcoin Aliens and Free Bitcoin). This is basically the same type of game’ as Free Bitcoin. Every hour you get a new quote and a chance to earn some satoshi.

Wheel of Bitcoin by Tiny Bytes - free

Wheel of BitcoinWheel of Bitcoin

I this game you have to spin a wheel to earn bits/satoshis, each spin you will get a chance to claim or spin again to get double or nothing. When the double or nothing was successful, you will be able to use the double or nothing bonus a second time. When you claim the bits will be deposited directly into your XAPO wallet. You can create your XAPO wallet here.

Each time you can claim three times, after that you will have to wait 30 minutes to try your luck again. You can turn on notifications to receive a message when you can make new claims.

After 15 claims the Frenzy mode is activated giving you a x5 bonus.

This application is no longer available.

NOTE: Be aware that all these games are supported using adverts. Not just picture ads, but also using short videos. So it is advisable to only play these games when you are on Wi-Fi or have an unlimited data plan.

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