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More Bitcoin Faucets

The following faucets are basically the same and beside the claim interval and name they are exactly the same

Faucet Referral Interval
Claim BTC Sign Up 20 min
Easy Bitcoin Faucet Sign Up 10 min
Take Free Bitcoin Sign Up 5 min

Each claim is between a certain low and high value. Every time you make a claim you have a change to receive a bonus which you can activate when you want (just keep in mind that a bonus expires when not used and when they are activated the are only active for a limited amount of time).


When you don’t receive a bonus there is usually an offer to sign-up for some other Bitcoin related service. You can even occasionally get additional satoshi to sign-up/claim at one of the in this post mentioned faucets. Besides these bonuses they are also working with a loyalty bonus, this bonus increases by 3% per day and by 5% each 5th day, up to a maximum of 100%, so you can double your faucet earnings.

Once your balance has reached 20000 satoshi you can make a withdrawal. With all the bonuses they offer it shouldn’t take you long to reach 20000 satoshi.

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