Jul 06 2016 0

More Cryptocoin Faucets

During my vacation I came across several cryptocoin faucets. With all of the cloud-mining services going up in smoke (HashOcean, BitsRapid, CLDMine, TopMine, and so forth…) getting some cryptocoins using faucets is the safer way.

Feel free to sign-up using my referral link listed in the table below.

Cryptocurrency Claim Interval Payouts Payout Minimum Referral Commission
Bitcoin 15 min Daily 0.001 BTC 30 %
Dash 15 min Daily 0.05 DASH 30 %
Doge #1 5 min Hourly No minimum 30 %
Doge #2 60 min 6 Hours 300 Doge 0.3 Doge
Ethereum 5 min Daily 0.05 ETH 75 %
Lisk 5 min Daily 1 LSK 80 %
Litecoin 15 min Daily 0.1 LTC 30 %

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