Nov 21 2018 0

Joystick adapter for ZX Spectrum +2/+3

When I was fixing my ZX Spectrum +2B I could not test the joystick ports since I don’t own any Sinclair joysticks. To be able to use joysticks that use the Kempston (Atari compatible) standard I would have to make use of some sort of adapter to convert one into the other.

There is enough information available on both types of joysticks, so it is not hard to figure out how the pins need to be rewired (See table below). Since the Sinclair joysticks do not support auto-fire or additional fire-buttons only 6 pins (4 directions, 1 fire and ) need to be rewired.

Oct 14 2018 0

Shortcut (Workflow) to compress images using TinyPNG

To downsize the images used in my post I make use of the services provided by TinyPNG. Up to now I usually follow the following steps to make and prepare the images for a blog post

On iOS device:

Oct 01 2018 0

ZX Spectrum 48K (Issue 3B) with video issues (Part 2)

After my post ZX Spectrum 48K (Issue 3B) with video issues (Part 1) I spent some time researching the issue and done some testing on the motherboard

  • Schematics and layout for the Issue 3B Motherboard
  • Found information on the weird’ modification
  • Measured voltages on the ULA, CPU, ROM and lower RAM chips
  • Measured temperatures for the ULA, CPU, ROM, lower RAM chips (IC6-IC13) and upper RAM chips (IC15-IC22)
Sep 25 2018 0

ZX Spectrum 48K (Issue 3B) with video issues (Part 1)

Time to try my luck on another ZX Spectrum repair, this time a ZX Spectrum 48K with an issue 3b motherboard.

The RF module has already been modified to output a composite signal, so it was easy to connect it to a TV set.

Sep 24 2018 0

Refurbishing a ZX Spectrum 128 +2B keyboard

When I fixed the ZX Spectrum 128 +2B machine I simply replaced the non-working keyboard with a known to be working keyboard. If should be fairly straightforward to get this keyboard working again.

Cleaning the parts

Sep 18 2018 0

Fixing some ZX Spectrum Joystick Interfaces

On eBay I bought a set of four untested (which usually means broken) joystick interfaces for the ZX Spectrum, based on the pictures provided they all looked fine. Although one seemed to be missing the keyway peg at pin 3.

The set consisted of the following interfaces

Sep 17 2018 0

Repairing a ZX Spectrum 128 +2B

Several months ago I had won an auction for a ZX Spectrum 128 +2B of an unknown state and no big surprise the machine was not working properly. This is what I saw after booting up the machine

Black screen with a white borderBlack screen with a white border
Sep 02 2018 0

Building (a raft) with...

building (a raft) with...building (a raft) with...
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