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What plastic pollution is doing to my paradise on island Hvar

What plastic pollution is doing to my paradise on island Hvar

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To update or not to update

Aug 11 2016 0

Fixing Disqus Comments (continued)

It appears the URL mapper has been fixed , so it is time to continue with the last steps to fix the Disqus comments.

URL mapper

First step is to download a CSV file that contains all of the URLs Disqus is storing comments for. Navigate to the Migration Tools’ and click on Start URL mapper’. On this page click on the link titled you can download a CSV here’. You will be mailed a link which allows you the download the CSV file.Domain Migration Tool’ again.

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Shieldsio- Quality metadata badges for open source projects

Shieldsio- Quality metadata badges for open source projects

Aug 10 2016 0

Fixing Disqus Comments

With the update to Blot on August 4th changes were made that had an impact for your Blog if you are using the Disqus plugin for comments. This changes could result in missing comments for all or some of your posts. Well the comments are still available via Disqus but due to a technicality the old’ comments could not always be linked to the correct blog post. During the same weekend these changes have been reverted, so everything should be back in working order.

Since I also had to make a change to my template as a result of the change I had to review data stored at Disqus to figure out what was wrong and if I could fix something on my end.

Aug 07 2016 0

Rikomagic MK06

I have always had a liking for miniature things. As a kid I didn’t want a train of the HO scale (1:87), but had my mind set on Minitrix or Trix for short (N scale, 1:148). If I had known at that age there is also a Z scale (1:220), I probably would have nagged my parents to get that one instead .

Model train scale comparison

Later this turned into fondness for miniature computing platforms like Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.

Aug 06 2016 0

Revising method for adding drop shadows

After removing the jQuery code for the archives page I reviewed the code I have been adding to the script scripts.js in order to determine if even more code can be removed and replaced with just CSS. And there was.

The focus this time was on the code I added to add drop shadows to images that are ending with -ds. Using a selector based on the src attribute for img elements it is possible to recreate this feature by just using CSS.

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Revising the archives page

The last time I have updated the design (somewhere in September 2015) for the Archives page I added some jQuery code so you could expand/collapse months in an attempt to keep the page (height wise) fairly small.

But ever since I saw the following tweet I had the feeling I should revisit the coding of the Archives page

On the linked Github repo is a demo available for Accordion/Toggle’ which is very similar to what I had implemented for the Archives page.

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