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Fixing dead links the proper way

In my post Fixing dead links’ I described a little piece of jQuery code to automatically redirect URLs from the old blog to the URLs used on Blot.im.

David (the man behind Blot.im) had informed me that Blot.im has functionality for redirecting URLs as well as an overview of all the 404 errors for your blog. You won’t find these links anywhere in your Blot.im dashboard, but the links to be used are

At first I though that although it is a very nice feature it wouldn’t be very useful because I would have to specify too many redirect rules. Turns out, after monitoring the 404 errors for some weeks, it isn’t that bad.

So as of today I have removed the jQuery code from the template page error.html.

The only thing I have to do now is check the 404 errors occasionally and create new redirect rules for new issues.

When I migrated over from Scriptogr.am to Blot.im I haven’t migrated all of my posts. Although migrating Scriptogr.am formatted postings to Blot.im is extremely easy, some posts where just too outdated or specific to Scriptogr.am (styling and such). So I now created a special page that I now can use to redirect my visitors to when they trying to visit a post that hasn’t been migrated to Blot.im, like so

So SorrySo Sorry

The page is built using the following Markdown code (Menu: no prevents the page from being added to the top menu on the blog) 1

Permalink: so-sorry
Page: yes
Menu: no

# So sorry

The post you are looking for has not been migrated from
the 'old' blog when we moved from scriptogr.am to Blot.im

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