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Getting verified

Just because it is possible I tried to get my twitter account @drexore verified. I submitted the request for verification on August 25th, 2016. Ans so the waiting started. I don’t really expect to my account to get the verified badge (Verified badge), but who knows maybe I get lucky .

I sort of expected to receive a DM or an email to the linked address, but nothing at all… The only way to get the status of your request (at least so it appears) is to perform the first steps of the verification request again.

Checking the status

Start the request process

Start verification processStart verification process

Specify which account is to be verified

Specify account to verifySpecify account to verify

Depending on status of your request you will see something different, in this case the request is in review

Verifying statusVerifying status

The jury is out…

After 2 days of waiting Twitter made a decision - Denied. Oh well nothing gained nothing lost…

Request deniedRequest denied

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