Sep 11 2015 0

Praise for

I have been using as my blogging service for almost a month now and I am extremely satisfied with the service itself and even more so with the support giving by David Merfield via email and twitter.

This was a very welcome change after having used for the last 3 years.

At first I was hesitant to start paying for yet again another service, $20 a year is not much but with all the other services I use it adds up. I but I am so happy I signed up for the service.

Thank you David for providing this wonderful service!!!

Folder structure

In the first couple of days using I was still playing around with the structure within the Blot folder inside Dropbox. After playing around with the structure for a while I have settled for the following setup Folder structure

  • Drafts - Where I keep all the posts that I am still working on. I like this better than the method of prefixing the file with draft’ as shown in the Blot demo video.
  • Pages - Here I place all my Markdown files within which I have used the meta tag Page: yes.
  • Posts - Within this folder I created a folder per year which helps keeping things organized and clean. I am not a heavy blogger so having a folder per year is sufficient.
  • Public - Here I store all the images or files I link to in my posts

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