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Workflow for uploading bookmarks to Blot

With the new feature of Blot to use OS X bookmarks to quickly post interesting sites to your own blog I already wrote how to use it on a platform other that a Mac.

But wouldn’t it also be nice to be able to share a bookmark to your blog when you only have access to a mobile device, specifically an iOS device…

Out-of-the-box Safari on iOS has no way to save a bookmark other than as a regular bookmark. Good thing iOS has a share sheet and Workflow app.

I built the following workflow using the Workflow app that enables you to save out a bookmark file to Dropbox. The workflow has been setup as a share sheet extension so anywhere you have the ability to share an URL this extension would work.

Workflow - Upload Link

The workflow consists of three simple actions

Steps Explanation
1 - Text
Step 1
Insert input from the share sheet (i.e. an URL) into the bookmark template
2 - Set Name
Step 2
Ask for a file-name to be used for the bookmark file (do not remove .webloc)
3 - Save to Dropbox
Step 3
Save the file to the folder /Apps/Blot/Links/ within Dropbox

If you want to use this workflow for yourself, feel free. You can get it here.

Demo time

The following is a short video of the workflow in action

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