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Apps for March 2016

Here is an overview of all the apps I have bought for my iOS devices and/or Mac during the month of March.

Overcast: Podcast PlayerOvercast: Podcast Player Overcast: Podcast Player
Overcast Radio, LLC
Version 2.5 Not really a purchase during this month, I have been using Overcast for quit some time now. But I did use the patronage option to sent some cash Marco Arment’s way. It also allowed me to use the new features added in version 2.5.

I like to use dark theme’s in applications whenever possible, so I was more then happy to pay for it. The only downside is the feature stops working after the patronage period expires…
Price Free
Platform iPhone/iPad
Requires iOS 9+
Size 5.3 MB

Tildeslash Norge Ltd
Version 1.0 Slide out Notification Center to quickly see key performance data for your Mac, such as CPU, Memory, Disk, Network and Battery. Click the charts to drill down and reveal even more details.

I much prefer this method of having easy access to some system statistics over something like iStats Menu which takes up space in your menu bar.
Price Free
Platform Mac
Requires OS X 10.11 or later
Size 7.7 MB

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