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Fixing Disqus Comments (continued)

It appears the URL mapper has been fixed , so it is time to continue with the last steps to fix the Disqus comments.

URL mapper

First step is to download a CSV file that contains all of the URLs Disqus is storing comments for. Navigate to the Migration Tools’ and click on Start URL mapper’. On this page click on the link titled you can download a CSV here’. You will be mailed a link which allows you the download the CSV file. The file contains all of the URLs tracked by Disqus, not just the ones with comments. Based on the data it is now just a matter of changing the incorrect URLs to the correct ones. If you still see incorrect domain names you might have to use the Domain Migration Tool’ again.

First step is to clean-up the document so it only contains the URLs that are in need of an update. When you are using a simple text editor you can just provide the correct URL immediately after the incorrect URL (don’t forget the , between the old and the new URL), like so,,

When you are done you upload your CSV file by clicking on Choose File’, select your CSV file followed by clicking the Next Step’ button.

Uploading CSV fileUploading CSV file

Clicking the Next Step’ button will bring you to the page displaying which URLs will be migrated and for each URL what the new URL is going to be. It everything is as expected you can click on Submit Migration’ button

Review changesReview changes

Like with the Domain Migration Tool it may take up to 24 hours before all changes have been made. In my case after only a couple of minutes all of the changes were done. You can use the Discussion Editor to keep an eye on the migration progression.

Migration busyMigration busy

Hopefully with this post and the previous post you will be able to in the future investigate and resolve some of the Disqus related issue by yourself.

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