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Kickstarter Goodies

Over the last year I have backed several projects on Kickstarter, eight so far or actually nine. One project didn’t reach the funding goal initially, second version of the project succeeded.

The most important reasons for me to take part in projects on Kickstarter are to help others make their dream come true and to nurture my early adopter needs. Kickstarter provides a nice combination of both.

And on that note I will have to keep an eye on myself, backing Kickstarter projects can become addictive.

Just so you are warned!!!


Link: Kickstarter Project Page Status: Product received

Tiny Arduino compatible board. Order additional specialized shields, which I still need to assemble/solder. The ordered items were delivered while I was busy moving to my new place. Sadly I haven’t come around to it. Only thing I have been able to do so far is quickly test the three Digisparks to see if they were working, by using the Blink sketch. All three are working perfectly, see video.

On the Digistump website you can find lost of information for the Digispark, including samples, special version of the Arduino toolkit supporting the digispark, and instructions on assembling the shields.

Digispark lootDigispark loot

Nifty MiniDrive

Link: Kickstarter Project Page Status: Product received

Backed this project for the …, so I could have a memory card installed into my MacBook Air all the time. For now I am just using it as additional storage, but as soon as I get a bigger mircoSD card at a reasonable price I might use it for Time Machine to create backups when I am on the road and don’t have a connection to the Time Capsule at home.

From all of the feedback from backers and the creators there are several issues with the device. So far I have been lucky with the one I have received and did not experience any of the reported issues.

Nifty MiniDrive and toolNifty MiniDrive and tool

Omega Wallet

Link: Kickstarter Project Page Status: Project Funded, Production in full swing (50 wallets per day, so will have to wait a bit)

Haven’t received the Omega Wallet yet, but what I read from some of the backers that did receive theirs is that the wallet easily scratches the cards you keep in the wallet. Not really surprising, but definitely unwanted. Some backers suggested to put felt on the inside of the plates. This gives it a soft/smooth surface that should not scratch the contents of the wallet.

I already bought some felt with an adhesive on one side (duh). The material I found is only 1 mm (0.039 inch) thick, so adding to layers (one on each plate) doesn’t increase the thickness of the wallet much.

Omega WalletOmega Wallet

Pebble Watch

Link: Kickstarter Project Page Status: Project Funded, received my Pebble Watch on March 27, 2013

I think I will like the Pebble, although I don’t like to have anything on my wrists. I usually only wear a watch when I am diving. Since I work as a Software Engineer/Product Developer I basically have a big watch in-front of me whole day long, so I don’t really need a watch. What won me over is the fact that it becomes an extension to my phone. And when I saw that I would be able to build apps and watch faces for it I was sold.

Starting this week (Apr 14) the first version of the Watch SDK (still proof of concept) was released to the public. Very exciting, even though I haven’t received my Pebble yet. Didn’t want to use homebrew on my Mac, so I created a VM with Ubuntu that I will use to develop stuff for the Pebble Watch.

Pebble WatchPebble Watch


Link: Kickstarter Project Page Status: Product received

Pledged for it when still using an iPhone 4, I have since moved to using an iPhone 5. Overall it was an OK product, but due to some (budget/time) limitations the end product was not being laser cut, which caused the back-cover to peel at the corners from the magnet. Easily solved with a bit of glue.


Mini Cablox

Link: Kickstarter Project Page Status: Project Funded, ETA April 2013

This project came along during the period I was very busy with organizing my desk, hiding cables and removing all of the clutter on my desk, see this post. So this project fitted my needs at that moment perfectly.

At the moment I am pretty much done with routing all the cables so the need for the Mini Cablox isn’t as big as when I backed the project I am still looking forward to receiving mine.

I am sure it will come in handy before I know it.

Mini CabloxMini Cablox


Link: Kickstarter Project Page Status: Project Funded, ETA July 2013

I like the Mini Cablox, it was just what I was looking for (at that moment). The added benefit of this projects is that the Snable has additional possibilities;

  • Route and keep cables together
  • Cable winder (for instance for your ear-buds)
  • Stand for your smart phone

So even I don’t need it any more to route cables, I will definitely use it as a stand when I am at my desk.



Link: Kickstarter Project Page Status: Project Funded, ETA August 2013

I like the idea of knowing what temperature it is, when I am on diving holiday I find myself constantly checking my diving watch/computer. Having a Thermodo seems like a good addition. Will have to see how well it works, one thing already know is that it won’t fit my iPhone 5 while it is in the case I am using. When I have the device in hand I will device on how to solve this issue. At the moment I see three possible solutions;

  • Buy a new case
  • Enlarge the hole for the audio/mic jack in the case
  • Buy a short extension cable

I like options 1 and 2 better, since this won’t require me to carry anything additionally with me.


Iconic Disc

Link: Kickstarter Project Page Status: Project still running (Delivery ETA July 2013)

How they describe it themselves on their Kickstarter project page is

Iconic Disc gives your Mac an identity. It is a thin, magnetic frame that fits seamlessly over the glowing back light of your Apple. The frame is designed to hold an image printed on photo paper or a transparent film, just like a photo in a picture frame. When set in place, the image is then illuminated by the captivating glow of the Apple logo. It lets you add your own style to your MacBook without disrupting it’s clean design. Should you ever grow tired of one image, you can quickly swap it out for a picture of your crazy pet, a shot from your last vacation, or a graphic of your company logo…the options are endless.

I used to have a sticker for my old MacBook Pro, but since switching to a MacBook Air I never took the time to peel of the sticker from the old MBP or buy a new one.

This might even be a better solution than an on-off sticker, just print a new insert and your MacBook has a new look.

Iconic DiscIconic Disc

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