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OBIEE / ODI Lineage

On the site of Rittman Mead there is a post detailing OBIEE Lineage, ODI 11g New Mapping and Interface Features — Part 3 — OBIEE Lineage.

I followed the steps from this post as well as the steps described in chapter 19 of the document Oracle® Fusion Middleware Connectivity and Knowledge Modules Guide for Oracle Data Integrator 11g Release 1 (11.1.1).

During the installation I ran into some issues, basically the installer reported a successful installation while in fact nothing got installed.

Operating System:

  • Windows XP

Oracle software:

  • Oracle RDBMS (
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (
  • Oracle Data Integrator (11.1.1, Build ODI_11.

All the issues encountered could be solved and are described below. So hopefully this information will be helpful to others as well trying to get OBIEE Lineage installed.

Downgrading RPD

ISSUE: Version of the RPD was higher than was supported in my test environment.

SOLUTION: Since my test VM was still running an older version of OBIEE than is used on the development environment, the RPD needed to be downgraded. For downgrading the tool nqgenoldverrpd is available (%OBIEE_HOME%\bifoundation\server\bin\nqgenoldverrpd.exe).

The tool has the following syntax:

nqgenoldverrpd  [-P repository_password] -I input_repository_pathname
                -O output_repository_pathname -V version [-F]

example of usage (downgrade RPD to version 318)

nqgenoldverrpd -P pwd  -I rp1.rpd -O rp1_old.rpd -V 318


ISSUE: The version of lineage that came with the initial download of ODI could not be installed. It was constantly presenting me the error ODI-50066: THE GIVEN RPD FILE IS INVALID’ when selecting a OBIEE repository.

SOLUTION: To fix this two patches had to be applied to the ODI installation (14037855 and 14493022).


ISSUE: The installer went through all the steps (you will see a progressing bar pop up a couple of times when RPD actions are performed) and reports successful installation at then end.

Digging into the commands used within the batch file installlineage.bat and executing them manually it turned out that if the password of my own repository is not the same as the password that is used for the artefact repository (odi_repository_archive_11g) the process fails.

SOLUTION: Changed the password of my own repository into Admin123, ran the installation.

Export Metadata from OBIEE and Refresh Lineage

ISSUE: During the step Consolidating the Lineage Metadata’ an error occurred Within our environment we have restricted the privileges granted to the Master Repository user. It has only been granted the privileges CONNECT and RESOURCE.

SOLUTION: Added more privileges to the Master Repository user


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