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Remote Desktop Server - Windows 10 Home Edition

As mentioned in my article on the NEXXT PC Stick Windows 10 Home edition has no support for the Remote Desktop Server, only the client. So out-of-the-box there is no way to remotely access the NEXXT PC Stick.

A quikc search gave me two options to enable RDP server on Windows 10 Home edition

  • Modify termsrv.dll
  • Install RDP Wrapper Library

In general I don’t like to modify system files, this usually breaks more in the long run and you never know what issues you might run into when installing for instance updates from Microsoft. So RDP Wrapper Library was my obvious choice.

Installing RDP Wrapper Library

You can download the latest releases of RDPwrap from At the time of writing this post the most recent version was v1.6.1 (dated August 1, 2016). Unpack the ZIP file and run install.bat as Administrator, right-click on the file install.bat and select Run as administrator’ from the context menu).

RDP Wrapper Library installationRDP Wrapper Library installation

Next run RDPConf.exe to see the current configuration and if necessary make some adjustments.

RDP Wrapper ConfigurationRDP Wrapper Configuration

Install and setup RDP client

Since I am using a Mac I need to download a RDP client first. You can download Microsoft Remote Desktop for free from the Mac App Store.

For the NEXXT PC Stick I added the following connection, the settings on the tab Session’ and Redirection’ were left unchanged.

RDP SetupRDP Setup

Connecting to the NEXXT PC Stick

Now it is just a matter of double clicking the newly created Remote Desktop to connect to the remote PC.

Connect to the NEXXT PC StickConnect to the NEXXT PC Stick

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