Aug 19 2015 0

Switching blogging services

Since will be closing shop it was time to start looking for alternatives.

Via their twitter account they announced they would be shutting down the service on August 14th, 2015.

On the website the date has been moved up to September 14th, 2015. But any ways, time to find another home for my blog.

Tried a couple but I finally settled for this one,

Moving posts

Since the format of the individual posts (Markdown) for is very similar to that of it is fairly straightforward to re-post some of the older posts. Only some minor changes had to be made to the content.


For now the look-n-feel will be different from what it was over at For now this will have to do since I am not really looking forward to digging into HTML templates and CSS styling all over again.

Custom domain

Updated the CNAME record over at hover so points to

DNS recordsDNS records

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