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Modification to Ball Dumper Module

When the Load Shifter was shifting the buckets it tended to get held by the grabber from the ball dumper. When the mover finally gets freed it jumps to its final position which sometimes caused the bucket to jump over the empty bucket mover. It also caused enough strain on the long bar connecting the Initial Drive Assembly to the Load Shifter module. Over time this even caused the Technic Bush 1/2 (4265c) to slip.

I have overcame this issue by making a change to the pin on the Ball Dumper that should make sure the grabber does not sit too close the the load shifter. I my build the single long Technic Pin (6558) did not do the job good enough. The following two parts are used to replace the single Technic Pin

Count Image Element
1 Brick 2x2Brick 2x2 Technic Axle Pin (43093)
1 Plate 2x2Plate 2x2 Technic Axle Connector (59443)

Using Dark Bluish Gray for the Technic Axle Connector makes it even look a little better

Before After
BeforeBefore AfterAfter

After this change there is a tiny gap between the Load Shifter and the grabber of the Ball Dumper

Before After
BeforeBefore AfterAfter

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