Sep 20 2016 0

Yellowjacket 2.2 GH/s USB ASIC Miner

As with the LKETC USB Scrypt Miner I also wanted to rig up another Raspberry Pi to mine some Bitcoin again using a couple of Yellowjacket ASIC miners. These Yellowjackets are similar to the Nanofury.

Yellowjacket 2.2 GH/s USB ASIC Miner
Sep 13 2016 0

Fixing iTunes unknown error 11503

More often than not I am getting the following error message when trying to update (download updates) iOS applications from within iTunes.

Could not purchase "xxx". An unknown error occurred (11503).
Sep 11 2016 0

Rikomagic troubles

After roughly 3 weeks having the Rikomagic MK06 running it started to act weird’ for lack of a better term. The device was experiencing a number of issues;

  • Network connection was not working, UTP or Wi-Fi, both could get an IP address but nothing seemed to be working
  • Also all of a sudden the Nova Launcher I had selected as default launcher wasn’t working anymore, but at least the original launcher (RKM_launcher V2) still worked.
  • and the device was responding very slowly to user actions
Sep 09 2016 0

LKETC USB Scrypt Miner

Over a your ago I had bought an USB Scrypt miner via eBay. This miner is able to hash at about 144-270 kH/s, depending on the frequency the device is running at (it has a tiny switch on the end)

LKETC USB Scrypt Miner
Sep 03 2016 0

Remote Desktop Server - Windows 10 Home Edition

As mentioned in my article on the NEXXT PC Stick Windows 10 Home edition has no support for the Remote Desktop Server, only the client. So out-of-the-box there is no way to remotely access the NEXXT PC Stick.

A quikc search gave me two options to enable RDP server on Windows 10 Home edition

  • Modify termsrv.dll
  • Install RDP Wrapper Library

In general I don’t like to modify system files, this usually breaks more in the long run and you never know what issues you might run into when installing for instance updates from Microsoft. So RDP Wrapper Library was my obvious choice.

Sep 02 2016 0

Getting verified

Just because it is possible I tried to get my twitter account @drexore verified. I submitted the request for verification on August 25th, 2016. Ans so the waiting started. I don’t really expect to my account to get the verified badge (Verified badge), but who knows maybe I get lucky .

I sort of expected to receive a DM or an email to the linked address, but nothing at all… The only way to get the status of your request (at least so it appears) is to perform the first steps of the verification request again.

Aug 31 2016 0

Apps for August 2016

DotCleaner - DS_Store remover,Dot files cleaner,Hidden files DotCleaner - DS_Store remover,Dot files cleaner,Hidden files
Aripra Infotech Private LTD
Version 1.1 Handy tool to quickly remove all those hidden Mac dot files (.DSStore and ._*) from for instance an USB stick or external HDD.

Great when sharing holiday photos with non-Mac using friends.
Price Free
Platform Mac
Requires OS X 10.10 or newer
Size 0.7 MB

Aug 27 2016 0


Having played around with the Rikomagic MK06 for a couple of weeks I started looking for a variant running the Windows operating system.

I came across the NEXXT PC Stick which, to my surprise, is able to run Windows 10 and has reasonable specifications. Time to bring out the credit card again. This was a bit more expensive than the Rikomagic MK06 and set me back € 139 (via

My second surprise came when I received my package: The NEXXT PC Stick is designed in the Netherlands. Shouldn’t really matter but it still gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling to see this on the back of the packaging.

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