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Fixing some ZX Spectrum Joystick Interfaces

On eBay I bought a set of four untested (which usually means broken) joystick interfaces for the ZX Spectrum, based on the pictures provided they all looked fine. Although one seemed to be missing the keyway peg at pin 3.

The set consisted of the following interfaces

Sep 17 2018 0

Repairing a ZX Spectrum 128 +2B

Several months ago I had won an auction for a ZX Spectrum 128 +2B of an unknown state and no big surprise the machine was not working properly. This is what I saw after booting up the machine

Black screen with a white borderBlack screen with a white border
Sep 02 2018 0

Building (a raft) with...

building (a raft) with...building (a raft) with...
Aug 30 2018 0

Customizing the file header comment and other text macros in Xcode 9

Customizing the file header comment and other text macros in Xcode 9

Aug 30 2018 0

Types of coffee

types of coffeetypes of coffee
Aug 12 2018 0

Kaprekar’s Constant

On August 5th, 2018 Uwe Geiken posted a programming excercise in the Facebook group BASIC on the ZX Spectrum’. The challenge had to do with something called the Kaprekar’s Constant”. I had never heard of it before this post appeared in the group. Never too old to learn something new…

The post linked to a Wikipedia article about the Kaprekar’s Constant. The article lists the following properties for the constant (6174);

Jul 06 2018 0

Refurbishing a ZX Spectrum 16K (Part 3)

After posting the last article on refurbishing the ZX Spectrum I got a tip from Alex (a.k.a. ZX Wife) via Twitter on what I could try to resolve the issue with the keyboard as soon as the case was completely screwed down. Together with Ian she forms the team behind Mutant Caterpillar.

Jul 02 2018 0

Xcode tip - Using behaviors to improve debugging

Xcode tip - Using behaviors to improve debugging

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