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Testing GBC modules with alternative balls

Since official LEGO balls tend to be expensive almost every body who has been infected with the GBC bug is looking for alternatives balls and/or marbles.

In the topic GBC: Lego balls vs Chinese beads’ on the Eurobricks forum the Quercetti Marbles Refill were mentioned. The marbles cost around 6 per 100 marbles, compared to the LEGO balls costing from 0.40 to whatever the seller thinks he/she can get away with.

A fellow GBC enthusiast order a couple boxes of these marbles and so kind to give me one of these boxes. Thanks mate!!

LEGO Quercetti
Weight (in grams) 1.6 1.38 - 1.45
Diameter (in mm) 14.2 13.8 - 14.1

We have tested these marbles in two of the GBC modules designed by Akiyuki and of course the obligatory videos have been shot for your (and our) amusement…

Over the time I have tested a couple of alternatives, mostly beads, but these were the first ones that I got to work reliably with the Ball Factory.

GBC Module - Lifter Triggered by a Stuck Ball

GBC Module - Ball Factory

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