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Using the Workflow app

Most of the time I need some screenshots from my iPhone I find myself performing the same tasks over and over again. Usually these steps are cropping the image, shrinking it, upload it into my Blot public folder and giving it a proper name. After these steps it is time to add the proper markdown code to the post. Also these steps are a bit cumbersome when you only have access to an iPhone.

I had purchased the Workflow app (iOS Universal, €2.99) a long time ago, but somehow I never really made good use of it. It was finally time to start working on a workflow performing the mentioned tasks. While building and testing the workflow I ran into some issues in the case the picture used was a screenshot and the screenshot has been edited (in my case cropping had been applied). I have been in contacted with DeskConnect, Inc and it might be a bug, either in Workflow or iOS itself.

Shrink & Upload

The resulting workflow has a total of 20 actions. It also contains a Edit Image action (default action Crop) which I included to have a workaround for the issue with screenshots.

The workflow has the following actions/structure

Steps Visual Explanation
1 - 3 Step 1-3Step 1-3 Select a Photo, edit it and store it into a variable
4 - 7 Step 4-7Step 4-7 Get the width of the image and divide it by 2 and round it.
8 - 9 Step 8-9Step 8-9 Ask for the size of the image to be used. Default is the value from steps 4-7
10 - 13 Step 1-13Step 1-13 Ask for the file name to be used when uploading the image. Spaces are removed and the name is converted to lower-case
14 - 16 Step 14-16Step 14-16 Resize the image and convert it to PNG
17 - 18 Step 17-18Step 17-18 Using the name provided in steps 10-13 upload it to Dropbox
19 - 20 Step 19-20Step 19-20 Build the markdown syntax for the image and copy it to the clipboard

If you want to use this workflow for yourself, feel free. You can get it here.

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