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Additional Hubsan X4 Mods

After watching the video Hubsan X4 Tips & Tricks 2’ I decided to implement some of these tips

Easier Battery Removal - LiPo Battery Compartment (2:58)

Sometimes the LiPo battery is somewhat hard to remove from the quad-copter. The issue is more noticeable when you are using higher capacity LiPo batteries, since these are a little thicker than the stock LiPo.

The issue can be remedied by cutting one of the ridges that is holding the LiPo battery in-place. To cut away this little piece of plastic you it is easiest to first remove the bottom part of the quad-copter, by removing the three tiny screws holding it in-place.

Original bodyOriginal body Notch removedNotch removed

This change will also make it less likely that the flap will break off when removing a LiPo battery. So far I have not noticed any issues with the LiPo not staying inside the body of the quad-copter.

Transmitter (4:05)

The transmitter that came with the Hubsan X4 v2 has an antenna. With newer releases/versions of the Hubsan X4 models the antenna is removed. The reason that it is gone is that it never had any function, it was just cosmetics. I personally never liked the antenna, it always seems to be in the way.

Original TransmitterOriginal Transmitter Insides of Transmitter showing Fake AntennaInsides of Transmitter showing Fake Antenna

By using some pliers you can carefully twist and pull the fake antenna out from the transmitter.

Antenna RemovedAntenna Removed Pliers and Antenna PartsPliers and Antenna Parts

Next I used about half of a mini-pack of black Sugru to close the hole. Leave it for 24 hours to set and you are done

Sugru Mini PackSugru Mini Pack Sugru appliedSugru applied

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