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Apps for January 2016

In January I have bought a number of applications for either my iOS devices or my Mac. I am planning to make a monthly post listed the most notable and/or useful applications and this is the first instalment.

BlinkBlink Blink: Better Affiliate Links
Squibner LLC
Version 2.2 With the iTunes affiliate program you can link to media on the iTunes Store, the iOS App Store, the Mac App Store and the iBook Store and earn commissions from purchases made via those links.

This application makes is super easy to create these affiliate links.
Price € 4.99
Platform iPhone/iPad
Requires iOS 9+
Size 4.1 MB

CopiedCopied Copied — Copy and Paste Everywhere
Kevin Chang
Version 1.1.1 This application has an € 1.99 in-app purchase to unlock the plus features, most notable feature is syncing between devices. This allows you to sync between your iOS devices and your Mac.

The Mac application is available on the Mac App Store for € 7.99. All in all not a cheap solution, but it has proven to work very well and has greatly improved productivity.
Price Free
Platform iPhone/iPad
Requires iOS 8+
Size 8.1 MB

LongScreenLongScreen LongScreen
Shing Cheong Chueng
Version 1.4.3 LongScreen is a simple app for combining multiple screenshots vertically or side-by-side automatically.

I have used this application to stitch several screenshots together which made it then easier to cut out the separate steps shown in the post Using the Workflow app.
Price € 3.99
Platform iPhone/iPad
Requires iOS 8+
Size 4.9 MB

Vidyo!Vidyo! Vidyo!
Innovative Developers LTD
Version 1.5 No longer available, pulled from the App Store by Apple. This app allows (or better said allowed) you to record the screen of your iOS device directly on the device itself.

A demonstration of such a video has been included in the post Adding rounded corners to App Icons on the road.
Price € 4.99
Platform iPhone/iPad
Requires iOS 8+
Size 46.5 MB

AppSalesAppSales AppSales - Track App Store revenue, sales and downloads!
Jan-Niklas FREUNDT
Version 1.0.0 Finally there is again a standalone application available to keep track off how your applications are performing.

For the automatic download of iTunes Connect data to work you will need to download a seperate application from the developers website. Apparently the auto-download is not working for the Mac App Store version.

For a limited time there is a launch sale, 50% off. So if you are a developer you might want to make use of this app.
Price € 9.99
Platform Mac
Requires OS X 10.10+
Size 4.2 MB

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