Dec 23 2016 0

Finder Issues

Occasionally my Time Capsule needs to be restarted (using the AirPort Utility) to resolve some networking issues. Usually everything is working fine after the Time Capsule has been restarted, but sometimes external drives connect to the Time Capsule can no longer be accessed. Trying to mount or access the external drive gives me the following error message

Finder Error MessageFinder Error Message

or worse the following one

Finder Error MessageFinder Error Message

This issue can be resolved restarting the Finder. You can restart the Finder by issuing the following command from the Terminal

sudo killall Finder

or you can Force Quit the Finder application using the keyboard combination ⌥⌘⎋ (option+command+escape) to show the following window and click the Relaunch button after selecting Finder’ in the list of applications (it will be already selected when using the keyboard combination from within a Finder window)

Force Quit FinderForce Quit Finder

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