Jan 17 2020 0

Taking flight

taking flighttaking flight
Jan 01 2020 0

Happy 2020

happy 2020happy 2020
Dec 30 2019 0

Trg kralja Tomislava

trg kralja tomislavatrg kralja tomislava
Dec 25 2019 0

Happy Holidays

Dec 22 2019 0

Grey Heron

grey herongrey heron
Dec 15 2019 0

Remember to recharge

remember to rechargeremember to recharge
Dec 14 2019 0


Jun 27 2019 0

Taking the bus to Split

Buses in Croatia are, to say the least, dramatically regulated (yes, I am still mild here).

Tickets seem to be sold unlimited, without thinking into account that there must also be a place for all those tickets in a physical bus. What a novel idea, every ticket sold represents at least one seat in the bus?

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