Jun 25 2019 0

Joystick tester

During the last couple of months I have collected a number of joysticks that need to be tested. I could just connect them to one of the ZX Spectrum computers for testing, but why take the risk if you can easily build a joystick tester .

Also it could come handy when on a fair you want to make sure a particular joystick is in working order before buying it.

Jan 04 2019 0

Red het braille, geef de smartphone knoppen

Red het braille, geef de smartphone knoppen

Jan 01 2019 0

Happy New Year

happy new yearhappy new year
Dec 31 2018 0

Building a micro-controller programmer

In preparation of assembling a TZXDuino (compact) I need to be able to program an Atmel ATmega328P micro-controller.

I have a bunch of Raspberry Pi’3 lying around doing nothing and it would be nice to be able to use one of these Raspberry Pi’s as a programmer unit. After some research there are plenty of tutorials available on how to program an ATmega328P micro-controller (and a couple of other micro-controllers) using a Raspberry Pi.

Dec 25 2018 0

Merry Christmas 2018

merry christmas 2018merry christmas 2018
Nov 21 2018 0

Joystick adapter for ZX Spectrum +2/+3

When I was fixing my ZX Spectrum +2B I could not test the joystick ports since I don’t own any Sinclair joysticks. To be able to use joysticks that use the Kempston (Atari compatible) standard I would have to make use of some sort of adapter to convert one into the other.

There is enough information available on both types of joysticks, so it is not hard to figure out how the pins need to be rewired (See table below). Since the Sinclair joysticks do not support auto-fire or additional fire-buttons only 6 pins (4 directions, 1 fire and ) need to be rewired.

Oct 14 2018 0

Shortcut (Workflow) to compress images using TinyPNG

To downsize the images used in my post I make use of the services provided by TinyPNG. Up to now I usually follow the following steps to make and prepare the images for a blog post

On iOS device:

Oct 01 2018 0

ZX Spectrum 48K (Issue 3B) with video issues (Part 2)

After my post ZX Spectrum 48K (Issue 3B) with video issues (Part 1) I spent some time researching the issue and done some testing on the motherboard

  • Schematics and layout for the Issue 3B Motherboard
  • Found information on the weird’ modification
  • Measured voltages on the ULA, CPU, ROM and lower RAM chips
  • Measured temperatures for the ULA, CPU, ROM, lower RAM chips (IC6-IC13) and upper RAM chips (IC15-IC22)
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