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Coming out of my LEGO Dark Ages

Coming out of my LEGO Dark Ages

I have good memories from playing with LEGO as a kid and my interest for LEGO has been rekindled by helping out my 4 yr old nephew put together his Christmas gift.

And during the rest of my Christmas holidays I have searching on for a nice little model to built as my initiation project’. Since I like Star Wars and specifically the astromech droid R2-D2 I ended up selecting MOC-0492 - R2-D2 mid size.

Since I wasn’t at home to figure out what old LEGO sets I have (or even how complete these old sets are), I decided to just order all of the pieces. I have been using the services BrickOwl and BrickLink to order all the pieces required.

I also ended up building MOC-0493 - Stand for R2-D2 mid size which is not a luxury, since the R2-D2 itself is very fragile and the stands helps it to keep it together.

MOC-0493 - R2-D2MOC-0493 - R2-D2

After building the R2-D2 I have spent the last couple of months rebuilding all of my old LEGO Technic sets and ordering the pieces that were either missing or broken.

My collection has been growing again steadily since the beginning of this year…

42009-1 - Mobile Crane MK II42009-1 - Mobile Crane MK II

42030-1 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader42030-1 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

Yup, I am hooked again :)

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